You never want a serious crises to go waste

Good leaders seize crises to remake organisational habits, In-fact crises are such valuable that wise leaders often prolongs a sense of emergency on purpose.

Nasa administration for instance tried for years to improve the agency’s safety habits but those effort were unsuccessful until the space challenger exploded in 1986. In the wake of that tragedy the organisation was able to overhaul how it enforced quality standards.

Airline pilots too spend years trying to convince plane manufacturers and traffic controllers to redesign how cockpits were laid out and traffic controller communicated. Then a runway error on the Spanish island of Tenerife in 1977 killed 583 people, and within 5 years cockpit design runway procedure and air traffic controller communication routine were overhauled.

Crises are so valuable in fact that some times its worth stirring up a sense of looming catastrophe rather letting it die down.



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    March 4, 2019

    Good one boss! Very inspiring

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