Leaders Do It Alone

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Great leaders understand that they are custodians of the vision and it is their prime responsibility to protect it from time to time. They see themselves as Chief Visionary Officer rather than Chief Executive Officer.

When a company is small, it revolves around the personality of the founder. There is no debate that the founder’s personality is the personality of the company. What’s the difference between Steve Jobs the man and Apple the company? Nothing. What’s the difference between Sir Richard Branson’s personality and Virgin’s personality? Nothing.

As a company grows, the CEO’s job is to personify the WHY. To ooze of it. To talk about it. To preach it. To be a symbol of what the company believes. “Why” the company exist is the single most important question which company and it employees should have completely clarity.

Leader needs a strong team of executioners who believe in his vision and who would help him to make his vision a reality. Shaping a company alone is not possible, thus it is important to have a team which act as a mouth piece for communicating the same downwards. Like Martin Luther King and his social movement, the leader’s job is no longer to close the deals; it is to inspire.

“No matter how good an opportunity looks on paper no matter how smart he is and his track record he would never be able to achieve anything unless there are others to help him, he knows that success is team sport but when you tell people why you are doing what you are doing remarkable thing happened”

Walt Disney  began his career  creating cartoon  drawings for advertisements  but moved quickly to making animated movies. Roy, who was eight years older, had been working at a bank. Roy was always in awe of his brother’s talent and imagination, but he also knew that Walt was prone to taking risks and to neglecting business affairs. Like all visionary guys, Walt was busy thinking about what the future looked like and often forget he was living in the present. “Walt Disney dreamed, drew and imagined, Roy stayed in the shadow, forming an empire Roy helped turn Walt Disney’s dreams into reality, building the company that bears his brother’s name” It was Roy who founded the Buena Vista Distribution Company that made Disney films a central part of American childhood. It was Roy who created the merchandising business that transformed Disney characters into household names. And, like almost every HOW-type, Roy never wanted to be the front man, he preferred to stay in the background and focus on HOW to build his brother’s vision.

In nearly every case of a person or an organisation that has gone on to inspire people and do great things there exist this special partition between visionary and executers example Bill gates may have been the visionary who Imagine The World with a PC on every desk but Paul Allen building company. Herb Kelleher was able to personify and preach the cause of freedom but it was was rollin king who came up with the idea of Southwest Airlines. Steve Jobs is a Rebel evangelist but Steve Wozniak is the engineer who made the apple work. Jobs had the vision, Woz had the goods .

It is a partnership of vision of the future and the talent to get it done that makes an organisation great. The word that i want to leave with you is “TEAMWORK”


Start with why by simon sinek

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